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The Ninja’s Return

Who are we Ninjas?

We are the players who dreamt of having more friends in the field of justice. This led us to create this clan. This isn't just any ordinary clan. This is a Ninja clan. It's a group of Ninjas that will help each other to achieve their goals. Ninjas are persevering and hardworking. Their dedication and intelligence are truly remarkable. And most of all, they have a vision. That's why I chose to call this clan "Ninjas".


We almost quit before, thinking that we might never go back to LoL due to our own real-life problems. But one day, ThaNinjas, TheNinjas, as well as ThuNinjas were miraculously online and talked. We then decided to play again, just for fun.It was as if magic happened and suddenly things made way for us to play again together. That's why our clan is called The Ninja's Return. We left, but we came back.

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The Ninja's CODE

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The Ninja's CODE

Post by Supreme Commander Ninja on Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:04 pm


Here are the set of rules to be followed by the Ninjas. Those who will not follow the rules will be sanctioned accordingly.

1] Ninjas should have a forum account (our own forum).
2] Ninjas should change their GARENA NICKNAMES to TNR.(preferred IGN).
3] Ninjas should respect their elders (Higher Ranks).
3.1] Elders (Higher Ranks) should not boast their ranks and be a good example to lower ranks.
4] Ninjas should not surrender without having a good fight.
5] Ninjas should communicate with the clan at-least 3 times a week.
6] Every Ninja should check-in daily or at-least 4 times a week.
7] If on vacation, Ninjas should be responsible in posting @ this
8] Ninjas should respect one another as they want to be respected.


Ninjas who'll violate the CODE will have level of infractions depending on the sovereignty.

Level 1 Infraction : Warning
Level 2 Infraction : Demotion
Level 3 Infraction : Kick


I've established a tribunal into this clan. They work and judge in the background, to be kicked by them means that you have done something wrong, only you know the actions you have taken. They do not inform me, the CM, if they kick anyone, They keep the peace, and that is what I want in this clan. It is with a heavy heart that I say this to you but I cannot revoke the Tribunal's decisions. I don't take direct actions but my Tribunal does. They are silent and work only in the background. Peacekeepers when i am away. They are there. They are watching
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